A Cheeky Thankful Thursday

In my classroom, every Thursday is “Thankful Thursday.” Many of the answers are similar from week to week while some are unique and a little cheeky…

“Good morning, friends! Today is Thankful Thursday and I’m wondering what you’re thankful for today. Who would like to share?”

E: “For everything.”

M: “My mom and dad”

C: “For you and the class and all of my friends and family.”

J: “Uhhh… can I have some time to think about it?”

Me: “Sure, let me know when you think about it.”

J: “The new season of Fortnite.”

M: “My birthday in a few weeks.”

E: “Where we live because flowers can grow here. In some places flowers don’t grow and I just noticed the flowers growing in my backyard. Without flowers I would be sad.”

L: “The rain because the earth needs it.”

*J raises his hand.*

Me: “Oh good! You thought of something. What are you thankful for today, J?”

J: “My butt.”

*laughter ensues* I have to look away. And then, I can’t help but laugh along with them.

A CHEEKY Thankful Thursday for the books.

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