I think I can, I think I can…

The biggest reflection and learning growth I have experienced in my student teaching this year has been growing confidence and believing in myself. I always have a negative thought of “I’m not good enough.” or “Someone else would be better at this than me.” or “I feel like none of my lessons this week are going well.”

But in reality, all the matters is that you’re trying your best and being there for the kids day in and day out. The kids don’t think that you’re doing a bad job or that you messed up, they think you’re doing the job correctly and they have smiles on their faces. That’s what matters the most. I’ve realized I tend to have this feeling of doubt and that other people should do this because I’m not worthy. I’ve learned, that every teacher who has a passion to teach and grow minds IS worthy and deserves to feel good about their work. The best thing about teaching is, that you can come in the next day and start all over or reassess and re-evaluate and redo what you did the day before and make it better!

Don’t doubt yourself, you are worthy!

By Casey Clark

I'm an adventurous person who loves being outside and in nature. I love to go camping, hiking, kayaking, and hang out with my friends and family. I love to help others and want to grow in my field as an Elementary Teacher and child educator.


  1. Such an important reflection. It’s important to remember to give ourselves grace and remember things from the students’ perspective!
    And YES! Each new day is a new day!


  2. Just like you mentioned, “Don’t doubt yourself, you are worthy!” You are indeed worthy–and the work you do everyday with children is so important. Never doubt yourself–and I’m a firm believer in new days, new starts! Happy slicing!


  3. This profession of teaching and learning requires reflection! It’s the reflection that pushes us forward and makes us better for the children we teach and the colleagues that surround us!


  4. You live your kifs and I am sure they are glad to have you.
    I could connect with you because I was writing a post break piece and I could immediately connect with you.
    Keep loving your job and spread love.


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