I’m Pretty Okay!

My favorite response to my typical, “Hi, how are you?” question at the drive through line of my favorite fast food restaurant this weekend was this: “I’m pretty okay.”

What a way to sum up this year! “Pretty okay.”

So I thought…

How are you feeling about the time you’re spending taking care of yourself outside of the classroom this year?

“I’m pretty okay.”

How are you feeling about the quality of instruction you’re presenting to your students this year?

“I’m pretty okay.”

How are you juggling the home/work/family life this year?

“Pretty okay.”

How do you feel about taking some time for yourself to reflect on your feelings, thoughts, teaching, relationships, and family by encouraging yourself to write and get those feelings on paper (or on the screen)?

“I’m pretty happy.”

One thing I’ve learned this year so far, during my 13th year of teaching, is that it’s ok to be pretty okay, but even better to be pretty happy. Thanks for following this teacher on her Slice of Life writing challenge. I hope your writing journey becomes more than pretty okay along with me!


By bshawver2

Elementary teacher, mom, wife, chicken lady, dog whisperer, plate juggler. Jill of all trades, master of none.


  1. Yay! So glad you are writing with us.
    And this is so good and so true – “I’m pretty okay” .. I sometimes answer “I’m pandemic okay” when people ask … because I”m okay … but only in the grand scheme of pandemic life!


  2. I have coined a new feeling this year called “a lot” and it really covers….a lot. Glad to hear you’re pretty ok 🙂


  3. It is ok to be pretty ok! I love this post. It reminds me of the book, “Ish”. I’m ok-ish! And it is so true, I can’t honestly say I’m great because there is just too much that is not great, but I am pretty ok! Thanks for a great perspective!


  4. Your post today made me smile. By simply adding the word pretty to your response made the phrase that much more uplifting! Such a positive spin or what we all know has been dragging most of us down! I may have to adopt this phrase.
    And welcome to the slicing challenge! You are off and running on day 1!


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